the camper is held onto the truck by turnbuckles

I had originally subscribed to the philosophy that if you break a turnbuckle, its better than stressing out the camper.

Last year I only broke one, but it was after going over the doozy of a ditch you see above. I was moseying along outside of Arches National Park and I went right over this without even seeing it.

It was a VERY hard hit and I didn't even think about checking the turnbuckle until a few days later. Big mistake, because it was broken and completely loose.

I'm in the habit of checking them a little too often now as they have been loosening up more often, and I have broken two already.

I decided to upgrade them to steel. I'm going to be much more careful on the big bumps so as to not damage the camper itself, and I'm hoping a little extra strength will go a long way.

Yesterday I went over a very rough pass, and so far so good. I also learned a trick someone posted in the Facebook group, and that is to put a large zip tie around the inside of the buckle, so if it does loosen up, it doesn't come completely off.

I may regret trading turnbuckle strength for any future damage caused to the Camper, but then again that will be something to write about. In the end I don't want to have to check the turnbuckles too often, and I especially don't want to lose the Camper.

That is my worst nightmare. I go up some VERY steep grades out in the middle of no where, and I can't imagine losing that thing off the back of the truck like this guy did...